Online physiotherapy consultations are available with all our physiotherapists to offer assessments, diagnosis, advice and management strategies, education and tailored rehabilitation to guide your recovery within the comfort of your own home



  • New injury claims under ACC 

  • Advice, education and management strategies relevant to your injury 

  • Pre-habilitative exercise programs for people awaiting surgery 

  • Post-surgical exercise programs to continue recovery and healing

  • Video-based exercise rehabilitation sessions 

  • Tailored exercise programs to follow at home

  • Referrals for scans and imaging 

  • Delivery of essential and rehabilitative equipment to your home  

stay dedicated to your recovery with

telehealth physiotherapy 

Frequently asked questions

Is my injury suitable for online physiotherapy consultation?

Most musculoskeletal injuries are suitable for online physiotherapy consultation. Physiotherapists have a range of skillsets that can guide your rehabilitation journey. However, if a physiotherapist determines that your injury is not suitable for online consultation or more medical review is required, you will be notified immediately. If you are unsure if your injury is suitable for online consultation, please feel free to contact us with your questions and we will let you know.

How will I be connected to my physiotherapist?

Online physiotherapy is ideally held via video consultations. However, if you are not able to access a device with video recording, we are able to conduct the consultation over the phone. Vdeo consultations are held via the free downloadable app, 'Zoom'. This app is a secure network and allows private communication between our patients and physiotherapist. Prior to your appointment, you will receive a dedicated Zoom link via text message which will directly connect you to the physiotherapist.

What will I need to do in preparation for my online physiotherapy consultation?

For video consultations, please download the free Zoom app and create a new account. The dedicated Zoom link which will be sent to you prior to your appointment will directly connect you to your physiotherapist. Please ensure that you set up a private space within your home with a strong internet connection and free from distraction.

How much will this cost?

Please refer to our 'Fees' page for more information.

How will my physiotherapist help me if they haven't touched me?

Physiotherapists are equipped with many skills, one of them being a subjective assesment tool. This refers to a structured verbal conversation about your signs and symptoms to gather information about your injury. This is a very helpful tool for physiotherapists as there are many key answers that help to indicate the underlying issue. In addition to this, your physiotherapist may ask to observe the site of injury and ask you to do a series of movements to collect more details. By the end of the session, the physiotherapist will have a clear idea of the possible diagnosis and a treatment plan created to guide your rehabilitation.